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Hi there! Now regardless of what you just choose on the previous page, I want to give you another new member exclusive special that can make you seeing the lean tight curves and flat tummy you desire easier and enjoy, while saving you the headache and frustration.

Listen, I know some days are so busy with a hectic schedule that you can’t spare a minute to think about what you’re going to eat which makes is simple to choose less than wholesome food. Some days “life” will get in the way and your routine gets thrown off.

You see, working with women I have found 9 of out 10 of them have told me their biggest problem is planning ahead every day so they can stick to the program without having to fall into a yo-yo diet of ridiculous calorie counting and tasteless bland “diet” food.

Since you have chosen to take action today during the special pre-launch, you have a one-time opportunity to upgrade your order to include the complete “Done-For-You” package which includes all 3 Lean Body Cookbooks as well as the complete meal plans.

You’ll love the convenience and the simple “no thinking or planning” requirement. All of the work is already done for you so you don’t have to worry yourself or think about anything.

Here’s what you get...

The Lean Body "Done-For-You" Results Pack Includes:

Lean Body Prime Cookbook PLUS...the Lean Body Prime Meal Plans

The Lean Body Prime Cookbook is full of delicious wholesome recipes that primes and cleanses your body of the toxic building and the damage free-radicals have done to your hormones causing you to store belly fat and ugly cellulite.

The Lean Body Prime Meal Plan is created to match perfectly with the instructions inside the Lean Body Prime Cookbook Manual so you don’t have to think about your next meal all while igniting your metabolism, unlocking your fat cells and force your body to flush out toxins and inflammatory foods in less than 24 hours.


 Lean Body Core Cookbook PLUS...the Lean Body Core Meal Plans

The Lean Body Core Cookbook is full of flavorful recipes that are strategically targeted to break down the most stubborn fat in areas such as the belly, butt, hips and thighs. Ideal if you want to lose the lower belly pooch and the muffin top.

The Lean Body Core Meal Plan is created to perfectly compliment the instructions given in the Lean Body Core manual Meal-By-Meal on the next day so that you don’t worry about what you should be eating next and tighten, firm your belly with delicious savory recipes.

Imagine just for a second the feeling of seeing your muffin top disappear just by having these scrumptious fat burning recipes!

 Lean Body Dessert Cookbook Recipes 

The Lean Body Dessert Recipe Cookbook is full of guilt-free pleasures of savory sweet recipes that’ll jump start your metabolism and boost lean body tightening even further.

Simply choose one of the flavorful dessert recipes and send a sweet surge of fat burning wholesome nutrients directly into the deep fat cells in your belly, butt, hips and thighs.

In addition, I've also included a Lean Body Cheat Meal Plan. Perfectly suited to work alongside the Lean Body Cookbooks to avoid any sabotage from all your efforts with BWP and end up filling up your body with sugar and fat. Just envision yourself burning more calories and stubborn belly fat every single day while enjoying your favorite mouth watering desserts!

Yet, the best part about the Lean Body Dessert Cookbook is you’ll savor yummy recipes while boosting your metabolism and slimming your waistline all at once making the process fun.

Through much trial and error developing these scrumptious mouth watering and simple Lean Body cookbooks, you can now enjoy the satisfying feeling of burning fat and tightening your physique while enjoying delicious BWP seal of approval meals without the frustration of guilt because you had less than a perfect day of eating.

Easily mix up one of the tasty and simple Lean Body meals to visibly SEE a leaner, firmer physique FASTER!

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