ATTENTION: Are you not seeing results and feel embarrassed in your clothes? Then read on...

Discover Why The Bodyweight Pilates Method Is The Perfect Fit To Achieve A Flat Tummy, Get Your Slimmest Body Ever, While Enjoying Your Favorite Foods And Get Long Lasting Results! you Target the Lower Belly Pooch and Shrink Your Waistline WITHOUT Leaving Your Living Room!

Hi! Sylvia Favela here, Pilates Practitioner and Female Body Transformation Specialist with 20 years fitness and health coaching experience.

As a mom over 40, I've played the yo-yo dieting, damaged my metabolism and was embarrassed of my body. I don't want that to happen to YOU...that's why I'm sharing all my secrets that has allowed me and my clients to maintain a tight, toned, flat tummy and a healthy fit lifestyle while still being able to eat all my favorite foods. 

...We have the power to strengthen our bodies, regain confidence, tighten waistline and make better choices with our nutrition. And with this program, I'm going to provide you with all the tools to transform your body.

As a comprehensive certified Pilates Instructor and nutrition coach, I'm limited in the number of people I can personally work with. A one-on-one session with me is $197.

I created the Bodyweight Pilates method so that you don't need any equipment and to reach more people, plus make it affordable for you to strengthen and transform your body in your own home. I'm so excited for your journey to start!

Join me and over 2,000+ members around the world that are taking action now!

Bodyweight Pilates is unlike any other program out there as it allows you to Burn Fat through scientific sequencing while enjoying all your favorite foods that brings you Long Lasting Energy and Lasting Results.

In less than 15 Minutes A Day...

  • Boosts Metabolism: so that you can start TODAY...
  • Your EXACT blueprint that will help you switch-on fat burning hormones and get your leanest ever...
  • Done-for-you plan so that all you have to do is follow the plan.
  • A belly fat routine that reprograms your hormones to unlock the most stubborn belly fat so that you get a tighter midsection.

It Doesn't Matter Your Age, If You're Out Of Shape...ANYONE Can Do "Bodyweight Pilates" To Visibly See A Flat Belly And A Firm Booty.

See For Yourself, These Women Followed the Exact Plan...

So, what is Bodyweight Pilates?

Bodyweight Pilates is a method that is designed with specific movements that work in harmony with your body to shed fat and boost your metabolism.

Which is specifically designed for people who have a...

  • busy schedule
  • zero time to go into an expensive studio
  • who want to burn unwanted fat
  • while getting a flatter stomach and leaner body

Now, let's first discuss what Bodyweight Pilates looks like....Bodyweight Pilates is based around controlled movements that are short and target the deep core muscles that'll burn fat and tighten your midsection.

And because other exercises work AGAINST your body's natural instinct and STOP stubborn fat from ever leaving your body.

Since you don't have hours to workout, following the 10 minute Bodyweight Pilates moves is going to yield the best and fastest results...Which means...

You will start with short, effective and fun 10 minute Bodyweight Pilates workout, using ONLY your bodyweight...NO fancy equipment or leaving your bedroom. The short metabolic boosting movements will burn the unwanted fat around your midsection.

It may sound different than what you may have heard about Pilates or anything you have tried in the past (and even too simple to work), but I can assure you, it works very well!

Look how Esmeralda's stomach leaned out...
Lost 18 lbs and counting!

Feel Confident & Amazing In The Next Few Days...

By starting the Bodyweight Pilates are joining a results driven program that is proven to transform your body. Every workout is led by me, as a qualified Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor, where I'm committed to helping my clients achieve personal goals. While motivating and encouraging to keep moving forward!

...And you never have to step foot in a studio...the entire program is designed for you to do in the comfort of your home!

Designed for you to do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

But first...let's cover the following mistakes I see happen far too often....

How to AVOID these 3 Mistakes that You're Probably Making Are Ruining your Metabolism and Forcing you to store Ugly Belly Fat...

And…don’t worry, if you’re one of the millions of women that...

“Have fallen victim to any of these common mistakes", it happened to me, you’re certainly not alone.

I have some good news…they’re easily preventable.

Mistake #1

Still Doing Traditional Sit-ups and Crunches

Look, I get it! Everyone is doing them. I see this every time I walk into a big box gym, as I flip through a fitness magazine or on social media platforms.

Have you ever woken up with a sore neck or a tight lower back? Those traditional exercises have been associated with chronic back pain and ZERO results.

Improper alignment and movement creates the unnecessary pain you feel with doing too many crunches and sit-ups with bad form.

Unfortunately, you aren't getting anywhere with these type of back breaking sit-ups.

PLUS, you weaken your pelvic floor muscles with repetitive non-specific abdominal movements.

As a matter of fact, this recent study supports the use of Pilates to strengthen your core and prevent low back disorders.

It's certainly not worth the risk!

I remember doing hundreds of sit-ups and crunches years ago that only lead to aggravating the bulging disc in my back and I'd pee every time I had to sneeze because my pelvic floor was so weak.

You see, specific Pilates moves strengthens the pelvic floor WHICH acts as a hammock of muscles that connect the pubis bone to the front of the tailbone. It supports the bladder, reproductive organs and rectum.

STRENGTHENING THE PELVIC FLOOR prevents you from peeing your pants when you sneeze, jump or laugh.

Traditional sit-ups and crunches doesn't have the capability to hit these intricate muscles no matter how hard you try. So all the time you're wasting doing them aren't providing you the necessary foundation and strength to sculpt a tight midsection.

PLUS, research shows it'll take over eight hours of sit-ups to burn the 3,500 calories needed to lose one pound of fat.

In fact, the shorter, more targeted ab specific exercises I'm about to share are proven to burn just the right amount of calories and stubborn belly fat to reveal the tight lean midsection you've always dreamed about.

Save time, effort and energy! I know you're busy with a hectic schedule and you need a solution that provides REAL TIME SAVING RESULTS!

By performing specific Pilates in a series of progressive flows, that's uniquely tailored to you as a woman, your strength, your capabilities, your experience and your goals to effectively burn belly fat and tighten your core!

Mistake #2

Long Cardio Workouts Causes A Belly FAT Muffin Top

If you still believe that you have to get on the treadmill, elliptical, or run miles to get a sexy tight tummy, you are dead WRONG.

Cardio workouts are very stressful on women over 35 and destroys your metabolism, attacks your thyroid and instantly sends your cortisol levels soaring.

When your cortisol levels rise, it signals distress in your body forcing your metabolism to eat away at itself and force fat directly toward your belly.

The stress hormone Cortisol, caused havoc in my body, after my car accident, broken marriage and years of doing the wrong exercises.

The more stress on your metabolism and hormones from doing long boring workouts the higher chance you are to gain and hold the weight in the worst problem areas for women...

As a matter of fact, this stress hormone caused fat storage problems in my clients Stacy, Brigette and myself....

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 4.08.57 PMWhether we realize it or not, the old school thought of treadmill workouts or mind numbing hours on an elliptical can contribute to raising your stress hormones, along with your chances of gaining unflattering weight."


Even worse, it can weaken your heart, accelerate aging and form premature wrinkles.

In order to reduce the cortisol stress levels, avoid cellulite belly fat and get the body tightening, tummy flatten and booty firming experience...

You need a stress-free active Pilates experience…free of the common concerns and worries that women are taking in hormone damaging long workouts.

The goal of a workout is to have an elevated metabolism for hours after the workout. When you do long slow cardio, the calorie burning effect ends when you stop moving. 

Mistake #3

Dieting Switches ON Your Belly Fat Storage

This is especially crucial if you are over 35 years old.

Over 90% of diets fail because they put extreme stress on your body and internal organs.

Unfortunately, the trendy diet methods of liquid diets and starving yourself ruins your metabolism and disrupts your bodies ability to balance your hormones causing you to gain weight instead of losing it.

However, your body is meant to be properly fueled and nourished. Truth is you have to eat to keep your hormones balanced and your metabolism firing to shed the stubborn fat.

File Nov 21, 3 57 54 PM

I personally fell into this trap, I stopped eating and starved myself. It did more harm than good.

My thyroid and hormones were completely out of balance causing me to get sick and pack on weight. My metabolism slowed down and I was storing belly fat at an alarming rate.

You see, in order to eat the foods you enjoy and still get a tight midsection and lean body is to...

Perform targeted sequenced movements so that you burn calories throughout the day.

So, if you're tired of being deprived of the foods you really love and you aren't seeing the body firming results, then read on...

Feel Confident & Amazing In The Next Few Days...

By starting the Bodyweight Pilates are joining a results driven program that is proven to transform your body.  Every workout is led by me, as a qualified certified Pilates Instructor, where I'm committed to helping my clients achieve personal goals. While motivating and encouraging to keep moving forward!

...And you never have have to step foot in a studio...the entire program is designed for you to do in the comfort of your home! 

Designed for you to do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Proven and Tested!

“Can you picture how much Slimmer, Tighter, Toned and Sexier You’ll feel when you’re progressing each day?”

This program is specifically tailored for you to use without fancy expensive equipment or extra cardio.

There’s a way of doing Pilates that accomplishes all of this.

You'll eliminate your belly fat completely, firm a saggy booty, get a sexier physique and you will radiate beauty, confidence and so much more...

Bodyweight Pilates Sequencing

The Bodyweight Pilates Method is a way of doing the right series of movements for the right amount of reps in proper form, in the right flow, to correctly challenge your body without compromising the moves.”

Without any pressure or stress on your joints.

  • Ease of weight loss without any ridiculously restrictive dieting or mind numbing cardio
  • A lean flat tummy and the coveted firm and plump Pilates Booty
  • Tightening, Firming and Sculpting your entire body
  • All without ever having to step foot inside a pricey studio or overcrowded gym class
  • The beauty of this method is in the transitioning from one movement to the next. Due to my expert program design, there is NO NEED to add long boring cortisol inducing cardio. You'll release the hormones that make you feel happy and also help release stubborn fat while doing my Body Firming Pilates
  • Improved flexibility and mobility

“Finally, there is a breakthrough, step-by-step Pilates approach that you can do at home with NO equipment.

It is specifically designed to deliver women the most fun, progressive and results-driven Pilates experience possible…

The only 3 Phase program designed to strengthen you from the inside out, flatten your tummy, firm your booty and sculpt your body.

Bodyweight Pilates is a convenient; super easy to follow system of progressive Pilates movements. Over the course of 6 weeks, you will use video series in the comfort and privacy of your own home, so you will benefit from everything that Pilates has to offer...

What's Inside Bodyweight Pilates...

Phase 1: PRIME (value $97)

The first is the Prime phase, this is where we prime your body to TURN ON your fat burning hormones and create the foundation to burn fat throughout your movements.

In 10 minutes you'll experience short and effective workout that keep you energized while you burn belly fat, tighten your midsection, get lean and feel amazing.

Movements like the AB Cincher that will instantly make you feel leaner and taller than ever before.

It's bodyweight moves like this that make your 10 minutes a day enjoyable!

Phase 2: CORE (value $97)

Next, is our Core phase, this is where you include the prime movements you started with to jumpstart your metabolic rate to burn fat in your most stubborn areas.

And the great thing about the Core Phase is that it BOOSTS your metabolism and forces your body to burn more stubborn fat...

One of the main reasons long workouts ruin your fat fighting hormones and metabolism is because when you get past the fat burning stage in your workouts your hormones go haywire and your metabolism SLOWS DOWN your fat burning efforts!

However, by strategically following the Prime and Core phase throughout the week, you are able to signal your body to release belly-reducing hormones to tighten and lean your body which is exactly what you are looking to do...

Phase 3: SCULPT (value $97)

...and Finally, we have what we call the "Sculpt Phase".

Sculpt Phase is where your Metabolism Intensifies allowing 24/7 far burning, even at rest!

And because of the way Bodyweight Pilates is created, eating your favorite foods will actually help you burn MORE fat.

You read that right, favorite foods like cookies and pizza can help you to switch-on your fat fighting hormones where you get leaner and a tighter midsection because of the specific sequencing you follow.

Now, the sequencing in Bodyweight Pilates is different than any other workouts and programs available because it's designed to work with YOUR body ratio and your goals.

I know that Bodyweight Pilates is going to work perfectly for you because of the specific sequencing you will that you can get your leanest and strongest body ever.

I have packaged everything for you, so that you get started right away. I have simplified everything for you to make it easy to get started in minutes.

I explain exactly what to do, when to do it and how long it should take you to complete each phase in order to help you get your leanest body as fast as possible.

I've literally done all the work for you, so all you need to do is follow the plan and get the results you want..

  • Plug-in-Play:NO thinking or Planning required! When time is limited and you're in a crunch wondering what workout is the best. I've got you covered. The entire Bodyweight Pilates system can be done ANYTIME, ANYWHERE short and sweet.

But that's not all...

I'm also including FIVE different FREE Bonuses to help you reach your goals Bodyweight Pilates.

Get Today's Limited Time Special Bonuses...

Exclusive BONUS #1: (Value $57)

Bodyweight Pilates Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is your starting point. This is a downloadable PDF for you to easily and quickly save to your computer and print out.

In less than 10 minutes I walk you through the entire program.

Where I share with you step by step where to start so that you are completely comfortable with the program. For those of you who have a tight busy schedule. This is how you immediately get started.

The Quick Start Guide has everything you need to know in the manual that will allow you to get started TODAY.

Exclusive BONUS #2: (Value $67)

Bodyweight Pilates Workout Guides

Next up...I'm including the Bodyweight Pilates Workout Guides.

As you go through the program, you will have a go-to quick reference of each sequencing so that you can visibly see the transformation happening as you get loser to your goals.

These guides were created because of all the request by my clients and has been a lifesaver for those that have a crazy busy schedule and can take them with them anywhere.

So get ready for the convenience of done for you guides and see your progress!

Exclusive BONUS #3: (Value $67)

Bodyweight Pilates Phase Calendars

Now, I understand that days seem to fly by and before you know it...

You've gone 2 maybe 3 days without moving your body because your daily schedule is crazy.

That's why the Bodyweight Pilates workout calendar are a simple and easy way to never miss a workout because each day is detailed with the sequence to do.

As you move closer to a healthier, more energetic self, three different calendars that take you from beginner through intermediate and into more advanced.

Exclusive BONUS #4: (Value $67)

Bodyweight Pilates Mobility Guide

The Bodyweight Pilates Flexibility & Mobility Guide.

You'll find a 21-day series of flexibility moves to help stretch and lengthen...tight sore muscles and smooth cellulite.

Anytime you need a full relaxing de-stressing active recovery because of your busy on-the-go lifestyle!

So many Bodyweight Pilates fans firmly stand by this bonus as being an Absolute Stress-Reliever and Cellulite Eliminator as a must have!

Claim It All...PLUS the Bonuses, With Today's Special Offer!

Regular Price: $97

For Only $37
Yes! I'm Ready To Sculpt & Tone My BodyFor Only $37...And Get The Jump Start To Transform My Body!

It's Time To Take It To The Next Level With The "Bodyweight Pilates" Method

Now, I'm sure you can see the tremendous value of this system. It provides you with a done-for-you plan to get your leanest and fastest flat belly results using the sequencing.

It's only natural that this one of a kind system would cost a pretty penny.

As a Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor and Nutrition coach, I'm limited in the number of people I can personally work with.

My private clients that come in to see my pay $247 for just one consultation/session with me.

And although you'd agree that it is completely worth that price...

I created Bodyweight Pilates to reach more people and to make it affordable for you to strengthen and transform your body in your own home.

I know you are ready to get your leanest, toned body ever...That's why I want to do something pretty special for you today.

I want to give you the complete Bodyweight Pilates system PLUS all 4 Bonuses at a HUGE discount for a limited time. The regular price to access the entire program is $97, for a limited time I've discounted to $37

So make sure you take advantage today and get your special promotional price...

Yes! I'm Ready To Sculpt & Tone My BodyFor Only $37...And Get The Jump Start To Transform My Body!

And if that's not enough, I want to give you this to you 100% risk free.

Listen, I'm so confident that my Bodyweight Pilates method is your answer to getting the most enjoyable body toning and firming experience that produces real results unlike anything you ever tried before, I that I want to give my 30-day money back guarantee.

That means, if for any reason you feel Bodyweight Pilates is not right for you, simply send us an email and we will refund your payment immediately, no questions asked.

That way, yo u have zero risk in trying Bodyweight Pilates today.

I have worked with over 10,000 people form all over the world and have shown them the power of Bodyweight Pilates.

The Bodyweight Pilates method allows you to burn fat through scientific sequencing while enjoying all your favorite foods that brings you long lasting energy and lasting results.

Just Imagine how great it'll feel to finally have the Flat Tummy, Strong, Lean, Toned Body that you'll Experience for the First Time in your Life with Bodyweight Pilates!

  • That you're doing so in the Comfort and Privacy of your Own Home and On Your Own Pace.
  • On YOUR Schedule, Without Feeling Self-Conscious, Stressed or Judged.
  • Instead...You'll Radiate Confidence and Pure Sexiness.
  • Feel Younger, Healthier And SO Much Happier.

Regular Price: $97

Today Only $37
Yes! I'm Ready To Sculpt & Tone My BodyFor Only $37...And Get The Jump Start To Transform My Body!


Sylvia Pilates Beach BodyI'm so excited to get the opportunity to work with you and want you to know we will be there for you every step of the way.

We run a small operation here, which means when you email us, we get back to you quickly with a response to your questions.

That means you're never alone, you will get our full support as you go through the Bodyweight Pilates method, which is the closest thing to having me right there.



P.S. Look: You have no risk and nothing to lose. If you are not satisfied 100%, I'll immediately refund every single penny.

P.P.S. Listen: If you're on the fence about investing in yourself and committing to a program that requires an effort and you aren't ready, I understand.  You don't have to decide right now...When you take advantage of my Ironclad Guarantee and see results first then you can decide. Try the Bodyweight Pilates for a full 60 days and visibly see the results, or you pay absolutely nothing!

Yes! I'm Ready To Sculpt & Tone My BodyFor Only $37...And Get The Jump Start To Transform My Body!

Have a Question?
It's Probably Already Answered Below! 

Q: My friend lost 34lbs using your program, is that usual?

Although many women experience drastic weight loss, like I did, you may or may not experience the same results but when you follow the program, I guarantee you'll be successful.

Q: Do I need to add cardio?

No, that's the beauty of my Pilates program. Due to my expert program design, there is NO Need to add long boring and cortisol inducing cardio. You'll release the hormones that make you feel happy and also help release stubborn fat while doing my Body Beauty Pilates.

Q: Is Bodyweight Pilates a good enough workout?

Yes, the workouts are intense enough for you to do on a weekly basis to start seeing a transformation. The unique flow of each series makes the program elite in itself to provide you with the necessary tools for success.

Q: Will I need special equipment to perform these Pilates moves?

Not all at!  That's the beauty of the entire program. The entire program is created to do in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  If you'd like to add any resistance to the workouts you can use a stretch band.  

Q: What if the Bodyweight Pilates moves are too hard?

For every single movement in the series I've given a modified version. You can tailor it to your fitness level. But, even the modified version is still challenging.

Regular Price: $97 Today's Price: $37

Yes! I'm Ready To Sculpt & Tone My BodyFor Only $37...And Get The Jump Start To Transform My Body!

Q: What if I'm not in shape or a beginner, Do I need to be in shape to do the Bodyweight Pilates workouts?

No Way! You don't need to be in shape to get started or even know anything about Pilates. This detailed program will give you a step-by-step instructions to completing every move.

Q: Is the Bodyweight Pilates program designed for only women? or can men do them too?

The program has been designed specifically for women.  However, many of my clients have shared the workouts with their significant other and they have gotten tremendous results. So if you're a guy and want a strong defined core, stunning looking abs and increased physical performance then I recommend you giving it a try.

Q: How long will it take to get my product?

We are eco-friendly here! Which means the entire Bodyweight Pilates series, including the special bonuses are instantly accessible directly after your purchase. You can download your product via PDF and access everything on your computer or any mobile device.

Regular Price: $97 Today's Price: $37

Yes! I'm Ready To Sculpt & Tone My BodyFor Only $37...And Get The Jump Start To Transform My Body!

Q: What if I'm not familiar and don't know an exercise?

No need to worry. You have access to a library of tutorials with each movement. With follow-along videos of all exercises in the manual and bonuses.

Q: How are the workouts setup?

All the workouts are sequenced in repetition or time circuits for you to maximize your workout time, maximize fat burning and conditioning.

The 3 Phases include follow along videos, with an option of doing 1, 2 or 3 rounds, just replay the follow along video as many times as you like.

Each workout in the phase build and progress as you increase in strength and endurance.

Q: What is all included?

The Bodyweight Pilates series includes everything you see above.  Tons of tutorials, all three components: Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 which include follow along workouts. A Quickstart guide to get you started right away.

PLUS, all the special bonuses: Flexibility & Mobility Guide, Workout Guides and Workout Calendars.

Yes! I'm Ready To Sculpt & Tone My BodyFor Only $37...And Get The Jump Start To Transform My Body!

Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is your ability to follow through. There is no such thing as a Magic Bullet. Your effort will determine your results.

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